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Providing short term insurance solutions to your medical aid shortfalls enhance and extend your protection. You have probably asked yourself the question, “Why do I need Dental Insurance when I have a Medical Aid? Surely my Medical Aid will cover all my dental expenses?” Not so!

The rate at which Medical Aid Companies are prepared to pay for dental procedures, compared to the rate at which the service providers charge, are sometimes worlds apart.
There is an increasing tendency within medical scheme options for more and more self-funded co-payments.

Most scheme options now have numerous co-payments and deductibles being applied for a number of procedures including MRI/CT Scans, Dentistry, Endoscopic Procedures, Hospital Admission and more with amounts ranging from R1000.00 to as much as R10 000.00.

What can you do about it?
We solve the puzzle by offering YOU one of the most carefully researched Dental Insurance products developed to address these potentially financially crippling self-payment shortfalls.
We offer you no less than 4 cover options to suit your particular lifestyle requirements and as an added bonus after just 13 months of no claims, there is a 10% cash-back bonus on our top 3 cover options.



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